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New Review of Why Four Gospels?

Robert Stump reviews David Alan Black’s book Why Four Gospels? on his Homo Homini Lupus blog. Two portions stand out: The greatness of Black’s little book is its common sense. That it has taken so many years for someone of Black’s prestige to stand up and point out the silliness is too bad; that it has finally…

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Released: Why Four Gospels?

The second edition of Dr. David Alan Black’s book Why Four Gospels? has been released.  We expect to ship all pre-ordered copies by the end of the day tomorrow, and we’re waiting for to show “In Stock.”  (Note:  If you see the 1 to 2 months note there, be assured that the books are…

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Availability Delay: Why Four Gospels?

Due to several factors, Why Four Gospels? will not be available for purchase online today.  We have updated our various outlets to reflect release October 20, 2010.  We expect to begin making some shipments Monday, October 18, but it will probably not be until Wednesday, October 20, that the book becomes available for shipment from…


Support Web Site for Why Four Gospels

We’ve created a new web site to support the second edition of Why Four Gospels?.  The site is  We’ll include announcements about the book, notes selected from Dave’s blog, and links to reviews and other discussion.  Feel free to use the comments on that site to discuss the issues raised in this book.