Now Available: The Heart Cries Out
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Now Available: The Heart Cries Out

The Heart Cries Out: A Participatory Study Guide to Selected Psalms has just been released and is available in print and a variety of ebook formats. On Energion Direct, we have it on sale for $7.99 through the end of the year. This study guide to the Psalms is great for your church’s small group,…


Happy Thanksgiving

The Psalms are a wonderful book, not only for the many things we can learn from them, but because they provide us with something to read or to pray for almost any mood and any occasion. When we’re down, there are laments (Psalm 28). When we’re up, there are short, lively praise Psalms (Psalm 150). In trouble, we find prayers for safety and rescue (Psalm 140). Ready to meditate? Look for Psalms of wisdom (Psalm 104), telling you of God’s power (Psalm 29), his law (Psalm 19, Psalm 119), and his covenant (Psalm 89). Angry? You can even find some Psalms with a tone of vengeance (Psalm 137). Overcome by temptation? There are Psalms of penitence (Psalm 51, Psalm 32). (The Psalms in parentheses are just examples.)