Pentecost 2016 Church Building Books Sale
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Pentecost 2016 Church Building Books Sale

No, not the church buildings, but building, as in that old style word edifying! From now through Pentecost we will have books specifically related to building your church, your gifts, and making your church thrive on sale for 30% off with the coupon code “pentecost” (type at checkout without the quotation marks). These books, written…

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Hangout on Air: Pentecost and Your Ministry

Tomorrow night we’re going to have an exciting hangout on air for Pentecost Sunday, titled Pentecost and Your Ministry. Two pastors, both also authors and scholars, who have written on the subject will be my guests, Dr. Bruce Epperly and Dr. Bob Cornwall. They both have written very relevant books on the topic. Bruce Epperly…