New Book: Christian Faith for Adolescents

New Book: Christian Faith for Adolescents

Energion Publications is pleased to announce a new release from Energion author Dr. Robert R. LaRochelle, Christian Faith for Adelescents. Pastor and author Bob LaRochelle believes that young people are much like adults in that we battle constantly with many questions. Some of these questions go well beyond “what” to ask some ultimate “why” questions….

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Allan Bevere Reviews Faith in the Public Square

Allan Bevere has posted a review of Bob Cornwall’s book Faith in the Public Square. While he has a number of disagreements, he concludes: And so, while I have my disagreements, I would encourage readers to engage this book. It is thoughtful and thought-provoking. I may not be able to stand with him on all things,…


Book Review: Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions

Thomas Hudgins provides a thorough review of Dave Black’s new  book. He says, “Coming from someone who has bought a lot of books over the years, I’m always appreciative when I can find one that costs very little but challenges my heart greatly.” I would add that the quantity discounts are very good. Check them…