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Coming to Faith: Dr. Bruce Epperly

Over the next two weeks, in commemoration of Consider Christianity Week, we will be posting video and text testimonies from our various authors and friends and coming to faith or about a significant transition in their faith. Elgin Hushbeck, the founder and sponsor of Consider Christianity Week has provided his online written testimony, but we…

Final Tuesday Night Hangout of the Year: A Process Christmas
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Final Tuesday Night Hangout of the Year: A Process Christmas

On Tuesday Night I will be interviewing Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God and a number of other titles, both from Energion and from other publishers. The title of the show is “A Process Christmas.” If you wonder what that means, join us. If you wonder how that can be,…


Sunday Morning Thought – Transforming Acts

I’ve been working on the catalog description for a forthcoming book, Transforming Acts, by Bruce Epperly. A couple of lines stood out to me yesterday as I was reading to get material for my description. Bruce talks about a group of “restless seekers within and beyond the church.” He says: “They want integrity, authenticity, spirituality,…