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Who Are You Writing To?

Now don’t, just don’t say anything to me about ending a sentence with a preposition. Prepositions are fine things to end a sentence with! I’m an editor, and I say so! (I also say not to use lots of exclamation marks, but we’ll ignore that for now.) So you’re writing a book. Ask yourself early. […]

David Alan Black on Conformity

From Dave Black Online: 5) Being the ultimate obscurantist, I’ve been asked (as you know) to present a case for the Pauline authorship of Hebrews next month in Washington, DC. As someone who frequently espouses minority points of view, I found this statement about conformity fascinating: Although conformity generally leads individuals to think and act […]

The Amateur Grammarian

Having occasionally received corrections of my grammar from people who either weren’t listening in school, or who wanted me to adopt rules from the 18th or 19th century, I really liked The very model of an amateur grammarian. (Yes, go right ahead and send me an email telling me the previous sentence is too long […]

On Self Publishing

There’s a good article at MLV Writes on self-publishing, titled THREE REASONS TO SELF PUBLISH (AND A BIG ONE NOT TO!).  I’m linking to this here not only because we encounter many authors who are considering self publishing, but also because the first three reasons are often involved in choosing a small publisher rather than […]

Anonymous Reviewer Outed

This was on, as far as I can tell, but the principle would apply to  It is not only possible, but quite easy for someone to review anonymously.  It is both courteous and ethical, of course, to identify any connection one has with the book.  For example, an author or publisher reviewing his […]

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