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Recap: Read, Write & Publish!

A warm, clear Florida night was a perfect backdrop for Read, Write & Publish! at Northstar Church in Panama City, FL. The editors and published authors from Energion offered their experience and encouragement to potential authors who came to learn and offer their manuscripts. Lee Baker, Kimberly Gordon, Daniel Martin and Heath Taws read excerpts […] eZine – Religion, Philosophy, Politics

Energion Publications is pleased to announce the new eZine, a place for serious discussion of many-sided issues.  This eZine will link paid articles with blog and forum discussions to provide an open environment for discussion that nonetheless offers some quality control. One of the great difficulties with the internet and particularly the blogosphere is […]

Refurbished Prayer Database Site

Our prayer database site,, has undergone a facelift.  The purpose of the site is to present a categorized index of prayers and prayer passages from the Bible.  A few of these prayers will have additional annotations such as translations or adaptations for use in prayer. Praying the scriptures can be valuable, and this index […]