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Jody’s Christmas List #4

Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God by Dr. Alden Thompson. Retail: $14.99. On Sale: $10.49. (available in ebook also) 200 pp with space for notes. An excellent gift whether the recipient is a teenager or your grandmother or a teacher of a small group Bible study. Energion Publications released Who’s Afraid of the Old […]

Jody’s Christmas List #3

Poetic Diversities by Tabitha Edwards-Walton. Retail: $9.99. On Sale: $6.99. (available in ebook also) Noise Flash by Lee Baker. Retail: $13.99. On Sale: $9.00. I like poetry. I like modern poetry, not something Chaucer wrote! I was never any good at writing poetry when I was in school, but I could write about what a […]

“Who is Jesus? The Puzzle and the Portraits of a Divine Savior,” NEW from Dr. Allan Bevere

In all three synoptic gospels, Jesus asked His first disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30; Luke 9:18-20) Dr. Bevere, pastor, teacher, and well-followed blogger, believes this is a question for every disciple to answer. I cannot think about the person of Jesus, the doctrine of Christology, without the wisdom […]

“Conversations With My Grandchildren About God, Religion, and Life” – William Powell Tuck to the Next Generations

Grandparent, aunt or uncle, great-grandparent or caring friend. Are there children in your life with whom you have the opportunity to share the wisdom and encouragement of your faith in Jesus Christ? Grandchild: How can we really know God? Granddaddy: We do not have absolute certainty in our religious faith. The Christian faith is essentially […]

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