Jody’s 2018 Picks on Cyber Monday
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Jody’s 2018 Picks on Cyber Monday

2018 has been a year of tremendous growth for Energion Publications. With growth comes some adjustments, but the best part about growth is watching new authors grow into their second, even third book, finding their God-given voice. And then there are seasoned authors who receive the testimony, the insight into the subject for their 30th…

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Christmas – Here is a Gift with an Ongoing Message

– Jody Neufeld, editor Energion Publications   Every Christmas I struggle to find a gift that will mean more than the popular video game of the moment or a name brand shirt/blouse in the correct size. I want the gift to draw my children and grandchildren closer in their relationship with their Father God without…

Pentecost 2016 Church Building Books Sale
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Pentecost 2016 Church Building Books Sale

No, not the church buildings, but building, as in that old style word edifying! From now through Pentecost we will have books specifically related to building your church, your gifts, and making your church thrive on sale for 30% off with the coupon code “pentecost” (type at checkout without the quotation marks). These books, written…

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Take A Positive, Constructive Step Forward!

30% Off on selected books covering politics and Christian living! Plus Free shipping on orders over $10! If you have been concerned, upset or frustrated by recent events, take a positive, constructive step forward in your life. We have several authors who have written from many perspectives as theological professors and scholars, small businessmen, pastors and…

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New Book in Guides to Practical Ministry Series

In Changing Times: A Guide for Reflection by Dr Ronald Higdon is now on the Pre-Order Sale price of $10.49. This is the second volume in the Guides to Practical Ministry series, a joint project from the Academy of Parish Clergy and Energion Publications.  This new book looks at the types of change which might occur in ministry and…