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This link, posted in 2016, but updated in September of 2017, gives some good guidelines. The thing is, most of these guidelines are, in my opinion, just common sense ethics in selling. It’s easy to forget little things like an Amazon affiliate is getting paid (not very much!), but it’s still generally good sense. But […]

Review of Holy Dark Places

Rev. Dave Ketter reviews this new book by Daniel McGregor. You can buy print copies of Holy Dark Places from Energion Direct. Key quote: On the whole, this is a solid introduction to the exploration of spiritual suffering. McGregor’s biblical rootedness and overview of historic Christian tradition, even up to the modern era will equip […]

Bob Cornwall Reviews “Wounded by Faith, Healed by Love”

Dr Bob Cornwall posted on Goodreads his review of Dr David Cartwright‘s new book, Wounded by Faith, Healed by Love:  As any preacher knows, Jesus’ teachings can be quite challenging. They often call us to consider matters we would rather ignore. They challenge what “common sense” would deem appropriate. The Gospels can be manipulated in all […]

Joel Watts Reviews Worshiping with Charles Darwin

Author Joel Watts offers an insightful review of Dr Robert Cornwall’s book, Worshiping with Charles Darwin on his blogsite, Unsettled Christianity.  This is a pastoral account, almost like an autobiography, of bringing forth God’s message out of the two books, Scripture and Nature. As one who has read Cornwall considerably, I am neither surprised nor let down at […]

Reminders, Reviews, and Updates

Bob Cornwall reviews The River of Life, a recent release. While not agreeing entirely with the author, Bob appreciates the call for dialogue leading, we hope, to less division. He concludes: The world is fragmented – as noted by my own denomination (we call ourselves a “movement of wholeness in a fragmented world”).  If the […]

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