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The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet

Lee Harmon, The Dubious Disciple, brings his third book to release through Energion Publications and we are honored he did. The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet expresses a vigorous spiritual view, as Lee is a liberal Christian, but it does so for the purpose of inviting conversation and understanding. Perhaps those […]

Submissions Information Updated and Current Needs

We have updated our submission process and standards document to include changes in procedures and additional information on submission for our major book series: Areopagus Critical Christian Issues, Participatory Study, and Conversations in Ministry. Please review the new standards before submitting a new proposals or manuscripts. You do not need to update any proposals you […]

Manuscript Formatting

I have been asked a number of times about manuscript preparation for publishing by Energion. The bottom line is that we accept manuscripts in almost any word processing or text format, including Microsoft Word, Open Document Format, or even RTF. Formatting your manuscript is part of what we do as publishers. Nonetheless, there are […]

The Energion Mission Triangle

In my video Why Energion? I draw a triangle on the white board to illustrate the boundaries of our publishing mission here at Energion Publications.  I labeled the points of that triangle “Evangelical,” “Liberal,” and “Charismatic.”  Now there are many ways one could divide Christianity into streams, but those three represented groups I was, and […]

Publishing Various Viewpoints

I don’t think publishers normally have this problem, but in many conversations I am asked why I would publish books I don’t agree with.  Now if you’re one of the big publishing houses, it’s pretty much understood that you don’t have a singular viewpoint, but rather a range. But Energion Publications is a small organization, […]

New Mission Statement

We have replaced our mission statement with one that is more succinct: Our mission is to use web and print publishing to educate Christian laity and clergy, to energize the whole church to commitment and action, and to empower all members of the body of Christ to be effective witnesses for Jesus. This replaces our […]

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