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Book of the Week – Grief: Finding the Candle of Light

We will be announcing special pricing on Grief:  Finding the Candle of Light for next week, which will start sometime early Monday and run through the next Monday. Watch for a post here Monday morning that will include the coupon code links to get your special pricing on copies autographed by author Jody Neufeld.

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On Biblical Inspiration

Since I’m featuring my own book this week, and offering autographed copies of it, I thought I’d do some linking to some of my material on Biblical inspiration and the gift of prophecy that is available on the internet. Back in 1997 I wrote a lengthy statement of belief and supporting essay on Biblical inspiration…

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Book of the Week Offer: Autographed Copy

I’m getting back to the Book of the Week plan, and this week’s book is When People Speak for God. Since I’m the author, I’m going to make a special offer. We’ll have this for direct sale for $15.00, which is $3.00 off the regular cover price, but I will also offer to autograph any…