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I don’t like to join the chorus of businesses letting you know what they’re doing about COVID-19, because it seems there are many more important things for everyone to be concerned about. But I have gotten a few questions. Energion Publications is a virtual company, so social distancing for work was not a problem. Everyone […]


I’ve had the pleasure of phone calls and emails from several authors and some others asking how we’re doing and what the virus means to our company. It is such a privilege to be not just business associates but also friends with so many. As of right now, our publishing and shipping are continuing without […] Store Outage

There’s an outage on our store. We don’t know how long this outage will be, but will be taking steps shortly to make sure books are available for direct purchase. All books are still available via various online retailers. To get current information on books, go to Energion Direct. Just be aware that the […]

Pricing Books

Steve A. Wiggins, an author, writes a post titled, The Price is Wrong. I recommend that our authors read it, and it wouldn’t hurt for customers to do so as well, as it touches on some factors in pricing books. The issues are different for Energion Publications, but only in degree. The reason is that […]

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