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Energion Authors at Gonzalez UMC Fall Festival

Energion Publications authors Bob Makar (EnerPower Press imprint) will be displaying and signing his books at the Gonzalez United Methodist Church Fall Festival, October 3, 2009 from 9 am to 4 pm.  Henry and Jody Neufeld will sign books from 11 am to 1 pm as well. All are welcome!

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Understanding Inspiration and Avoiding Manipulation

In my book When People Speak for God, one of the key issues I discuss is how one hears God’s word.  One must test and discern when God is truly speaking.  Claims are easy to make–people do so every day. The proposed course of action violates ethical or moral standards. “God’s words” come to a…

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The One-Ended Telephone Cord

One of my favorite metaphors for the divine-human combination in the inspiration of scripture and the working of the gift of prophecies comes from the story of the One-Ended Telephone Cord.  This links to a story I wrote on my personal blog back in 2005, but I’ve been using it for even more years than…

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On Biblical Inspiration

Since I’m featuring my own book this week, and offering autographed copies of it, I thought I’d do some linking to some of my material on Biblical inspiration and the gift of prophecy that is available on the internet. Back in 1997 I wrote a lengthy statement of belief and supporting essay on Biblical inspiration…

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Book of the Week Offer: Autographed Copy

I’m getting back to the Book of the Week plan, and this week’s book is When People Speak for God. Since I’m the author, I’m going to make a special offer. We’ll have this for direct sale for $15.00, which is $3.00 off the regular cover price, but I will also offer to autograph any…