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New Author: Patricia Adams Farmer

Energion Publications is pleased to announce that we have contracted with a new author, Patricia Adams Farmer for a new book in our Topical Line Drives series, Beauty and Process Theology.

While this is Rev. Farmer’s first book with Energion Publications, she is an established author and pastor. She is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and author of inspirational books on process theology, including Embracing a Beautiful GodandFat Soul: A Philosophy of S-I-Z-E. She has also authored two theological novels, The Metaphor Maker and Fat Soul Fridays.

In 2015, she and her husband, Ron Farmer, returned from a five-year adventure in Ecuador. Since then, she has led retreats and e-courses on beauty and the spiritual life in both the US and Canada. As a regular columnist for Open Horizons and Spirituality & Practice, her work has also been featured in Daily Good, The Philadelphia Sunday Sun, The Interfaith Observer, and Network for Grateful Living. She is currently the pastor of Millersburg Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Millersburg, MO.

Beauty and Process Theology adds to Energion Publications’ growing list of books on process theology, written by well-qualified scholars in the field. We support our category of books on this field through the dedicated web site ProcessTheology.net. These titles have come to exemplify our slogan, Scholarship in Service, because they are written by eminent scholars and present practical applications of process theology in both life and ministry.

This title crosses the boundaries between streams of theological thought and helps build educational connections as we listen to one another. There is nothing that energizes and empowers us as much as realizing that God is beautiful, we can enjoy communion with the Divine, and at the same time, we can create a strengthen relationships with other people.

We expect to release the book in early October, 2020. Watch this site for more information and for progress on this project.

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