Great Disappointment Posts – 1

I have made two pages available in the Resources section of the Energion Discussion Network. These are pages, not regular posts in the discussion on EDN.

They are:

  • 1844 -1: Between the Disappointments by Edward W. H. Vick
    Dr. Vick discusses what happened between the spring of 1844, sometimes referenced as the lesser disappointment, and October 22, 1844, the Great Disappointment. He looks at the reaction of those in the Millerite movement to having their hopes dashed, and examines their interpretation of the Parable of the Ten Virgins. You might be surprised at how they read it!
  • Is It Time to Talk about Eschatology? by Alden Thompson
    Dr. Thompson talks about the controversy surrounding the way we interpret and some of the social factors. Then he points to some possible ways to understand this in the future.

I’m going to fill out this post with two YouTube videos. The first is our Tuesday Night Hangout from last Tuesday night, in which Dr. Alden Thompson was discussing the importance and relevance of the Old Testament. He does manage to make reference to eschatology. The second is the viewer for my Eschatology study tonight.

First, Alden Thompson:

And now my upcoming Hangout:

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