Grandparents: What is Your Legacy?

Grandson coverTonight @ 7p.m. Central Time, Dr. Bruce Epperly (a grandfather of 2) and Elgin Hushbeck (a grandfather of 3) will be discussing what it means to be a grandparent and what legacy we are imparting to our grandchildren.

Dr. Epperly, during his first year as a grandfather, wrote Letters to my Grandson, marking each week of that year with a meditation or musing of what he could, and potentially already was, leave to this new life in their family. And so tonight, Bruce will share not only from this book but also from his ongoing musings as his grandchildren grow.

Please drop in to Energion’s Weekly Google+ Hangout tonight @ 7p.m. Central Time for what promises to be not only an interesting discussion but also one which could impact you and your family – for generations!

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