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Buy-2-Get-1 Sale on Spanish Books

spanish_books_saleEnergion Publications currently offers just two Spanish books: La Historia de Mi Vida by Becky Lynn Black (translated by Fiorella Polo) and Aprenda a leer el Griego del Nuevo Testamento by David Alan Black, translated by Thomas Hudgins & team. We do have plans for more.

But this weekend Aprenda a leer el Griego del Nuevo Testamento will become available for Kindle, and we’re celebrating this new step with a sale: Buy 2 of either of these Spanish titles and you’ll get a third free. In addition, the quantity discounts are still applicable, so this can amount to a substantial savings if you want to get some of these books for a class, a study group, or for friends.

So check out the sale on Energion Direct!

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