Seeing the Psalter – Special Price – $10 Off!

Seeing the PsalterSeeing the Psalter: Patterns of Recurrence in the Poetry of the Psalms is a beautiful book, both in layout and content. Author Robert MacDonald gives a unique insight into the Psalms. These 150 poems are at the heart of the faith of Israel and of Christendom. Seeing the Psalter highlights and shows the patterns of repeated word usage in each poem and across the collections of poems. In this book, the songs of the Psalter is read and analyzed in sequence revealing a deliberate organization and a coherent message formed over centuries: How do we learn to rule in the midst of enemies? 

Now on sale for only $34.95! This book makes a wonderful gift! The translation of each Psalm is beautiful, painting a picture in the mind of the reader. The author’s work with the layout is interesting and encourages further biblical study.  Whether your style of worship is “art” or “study,” this will be a treasured addition to your time with God.

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  • Sue Gillingham in the annual review of books in the Book List for 2013 for the Society for Old Testament Studies (available from Sage Publications, June 2014) calls this an ‘unusual commentary on the Psalms, in part technological, in part aesthetic, in part hermeneutical.’

    I can tell you that I personally use it every day for my study of these wonderful poems.

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