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status image 021514New Sale: Buy two, get one free on all Topical Line Drives books + Study Guide to Ultimate Allegiance and Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?, available on Energion Direct with free U. S. shipping.


We have a number of books in the pipeline, and some of you have pre-ordered one or more of them. These titles reflect the diversity and the mission of Energion Publications. Here’s where they are in the pipeline:

Study Guide to Ultimate Allegiance
Already released, and just $3.99 in print or $0.99 in ebook formats. Order some for your Lenten studies! Take advantage of our buy two get one free sale.
My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black
Completed processing at the printer. We’re awaiting a printed proof to check the color pictures. Expect it next week.
The Spirits Fruit
Proofs heading out to the author early next week. On pre-order now for 30% off. It’s time to order yours at the pre-order price of just $6.99!
Holistic Spirituality: Life Changing Wisdom from the Letter of James
Currently processing at the printer. It could start shipping as early as Monday. Tuesday is more likely. Just $4.99 paperback, and eligible for our buy two get one free sale.
Overcoming Sermon Block by William Powell Tuck
Will open for pre-order on Monday, February 17, 2014, and will be available early March. Watch for the pre-order announcement here!
Day of the Dragon by Joe Whelan
From our Enzar Empire Press imprint comes this exciting and challenging tale of intelligent life long ago. Proofs are heading to the author. Available for pre-order now. Expect shipping to begin before the end of the month.
Creation in Contemporary Experience
In the editorial process where all are having a great time. This book is just plain fun! Coming next month …
Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God
Proofs are with the author and he’s pretty diligent and quick. Expect shipping to start next week. Eligible for our buy two get one free sale.

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