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eschatology_booksIn honor of the Lectionary passages for this week (Haggai 2:1-9, Psalm 145, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17, Luke 20:27-38 Proper 27C / Ordinary 32C / Pentecost +25; as usual I make free to not leave out portions of the passages), we’re offering a 40% off sale on two books, Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide by Edward W. H. Vick and The Journey to the Undiscovered Country by William Powell Tuck.

Eschatology: A Participatory Study GuideEschatology: A Participatory Study Guide examines the terminology and theology of this important topic. Many Christians are adrift when they hear preaching on the resurrection, the next life, and the end times. They often feel uncomfortable with what certain preachers have to say, but they don’t know why. If you want to understand discussions of eschatology thoroughly, including much of the terminology.

The suggested retail price of this book is $9.99, but it will be on sale through Monday of next week (November 11, 2013) at 40% off, or $5.99. And standard shipping in the U. S. will still be free!

Here’s what one pastor had to say after reading the book:

Edward Vick has written a brief yet surprisingly detailed survey of the vast and complicated field of Christian eschatology. One of the greatest contributions that Vick makes is providing operational definitions for many difficult theological concepts, opening up the entire subject to lay and novice readers. In a time captivated by the ending of the Mayan calendar, upcoming catastrophes of cataclysmic proportions, placing the return of
the Lord in our day planners, and reading newspaper headlines as Bible prophecy, this book provides a helpful corrective and foundation for a subject that has become untethered from the Bible, theology, and reality.

Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Lentz
United Methodist Pastor
Author, Learning and Living Scripture, The Gospel According to
St. Luke: A Participatory Study Guide, A Living Psalter (editor)

9781938434099sIn The Journey to the Undiscovered Country, William Powell Tuck explores this topic from a more personal point of view—how does the end impact you? What about your own death? What happens after? It is a book written with humility, acknowledging the limits of our understanding, but at the same time as thorough as possible in a short introduction.

The suggested retail price of this book is $9.99, but it will be on sale through Monday of next week (November 11, 2013) at 40% off, or $5.99. And standard shipping in the U. S. will still be free!

One seminary professor said of this book:

Many of our fellow Americans seem to live in denial about death, but not William Tuck. He knows that death is not a friend in disguise but an enemy who would destroy us. He is confident that Jesus has defeated death and has promised to share the spoils of his victory with us. His promise gives us hope as we make The Journey to the Undiscovered Country. Tuck writes realistically about the second coming of Christ, God’s judgment, and hell. His chapter on heaven reinforced my hope and helped me to celebrate what “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,” but which “God hath prepared for them who love him.”

This is a beautifully written book and never boring. Tuck knows that many things about the future are mysteries beyond our understanding, so he doesn’t speculate unwisely. But neither does he evade difficult questions or disregard the hope-full message of the New Testament. This book is practical and interesting and filled with Christian hope. I recommend it to anyone who wants to face the future realistically and as a Christian. I especially recommend it to those who have arrived at an age where they think regularly
about their own mortality.

Fisher Humphreys, Professor of Divinity emeritus
Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

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