New Book: Letters to My Grandson

9781938434754mOne of the great privileges Jody and I have as Christian publishers is working with authors with a passion for communicating the message of the kingdom of God. Their education varies, their perspective varies, but their commitment and their willingness to go the extra mile to make God’s message not just speak, but also sing and dance, gives us great joy.

Dr. Bruce Epperly, well known scholar, pastor, teacher, seminary professor, spiritual guide, and many other things, not to mention author of 25 books, three of them with Energion Publications, found one of those exciting avenues of spiritual growth with his forthcoming book Letters to My Grandson: Gaining Wisdom from a Fresh Perspective.

In this book, Dr. Epperly presents 52 letters written to his grandson during the boy’s first year. It’s spiritual wisdom from a grandfather passed on to his grandson, but more importantly, it’s wisdom learned through spending time with that different perspective. It’s not just about teaching; it’s about learning.

We often look to the great, to those of proven leadership and wisdom, for all our learning. We spend our time in front of the computer, with our noses in a book, or sitting at the feet (so to speak) of a great teacher. But often we neglect to hear God speak in the simple things of life. We want to teach our children, and that’s good. But we should also be learning new things with every moment we have.

Being a parent or grandparent is not about forming children into something you have planned. It’s not about making sure they live a safe and protected life, though we all doubtless want to provide that. It’s about joining them in the adventure of discovery, growth, and new life.

Sometimes Jody and I comment on particular characteristics of our authors as we edit. What kind of words do they prefer? Do they like long sentences or short? What keywords characterize their writing?

Bruce Epperly’s writing is characterized by the word “adventure.” He invites readers and students to explore life in God’s wonderful world with anticipation and excitement. He sees spirituality not as a hardened, carefully delimited path that one must follow with discipline and determination. Oh, he recognizes the unpleasant things of life and the value of spiritual discipline. But his attitude about these things is positive, joyful, and yes, adventuresome.

Join this adventure with his forthcoming book, Letters to My Grandson. Until its release in late August it will be 30% off for pre-orders at Energion Direct. At a later date it will be available on and at major online retailers.

— Henry Neufeld, Energion Publications Owner/Editor

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