Released: Why Four Gospels?

Why Four Gospels?The second edition of Dr. David Alan Black’s book Why Four Gospels? has been released.  We expect to ship all pre-ordered copies by the end of the day tomorrow, and we’re waiting for Amazon.com to show “In Stock.”  (Note:  If you see the 1 to 2 months note there, be assured that the books are in the pipeline and it will be much less than 1-2 months–more like a day or so.)

We at Energion Publications are looking forward to good things from this second edition.  In particular we hope that we can market it to many readers from mainline churches who may not have considered its thesis, that the gospels were written early, starting with Matthew.

We especially encourage bibliobloggers to request free review copies.  We don’t ask for favorable reviews.  We love to get them, of course, but we won’t put any pressure on you about what you say.  What we’d like to see is a strong debate, enhanced by this valuable little volume.

So if you want a review copy, e-mail pubs@energion.com and let us know where you will review it and where to send the book.  If you want to order a copy for yourself, check out Energion Direct.  While we list the books there for suggested retail, and you can expect discounts from Amazon.com and B&N, we do offer standard shipping free in the continental U. S. and very low cost overseas shipping.

Coming Soon!! Watch this space also for video and audio clips of an interview with Dr. David Alan Black recorded during his recent visit to First UMC in Pensacola, FL.

And don’t forget whyfourgospels.com, the web site for discussion of this book and topic.

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