Energion Publications via Espresso Book Machine

Energion Publications paperback titles are now available via the Espresso Book Machine®.

The Espresso Book Machine® is an exciting new small size machine that can print books on demand at any location. It has been installed in a number of locations worldwide in places such as Egypt, the UK, and Australia. It is being installed in many new locations in North America and world wide.

I could not possibly explain the process any better than the following video produced by the manufacture, On Demand Books:

Energion Publications has put all of our eligible titles from all imprints into this distribution channel, dramatically increasing their availability to consumers. For more information on locations of Espresso Book Machines, see this page.

This is the future of print publishing, and we’re going to use it to build God’s kingdom!

The following titles will be available via the Espresso Book Machine&reg::

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