New Proposal and Submission Standards Released

We have released our new proposal and submission standards, which we believe are much clearer. You can read them below, or they are available in PDF format.

Energion Publications

Submission Guidelines

Revised: June 3, 2008

Mission Statement

Summary Form

Our mission is to use web and print publishing to educate Christian laity and clergy, to energize the whole church to commitment and action, and to empower all members of the body of Christ to be effective witnesses for Jesus.


We accomplish this mission by publishing books that will challenge the broad Christian center. By the “broad Christian center” we mean that large group of Christians who are willing to work together with one another despite disagreement on non-essentials, who are interested in genuine dialog and learning, who seek sound teaching and understanding, yet are too often left to drift.

We also believe that Christianity is best served by a well-informed people, capable of defending their faith and also of challenging their leadership. The church is not an organization of professional ministers, but all are ministers.

Content Guidelines

Energion Publications is a new, small company, but we have some very specific plans for development. We are not a “paid publisher.” If you would like to have a manuscript evaluated we will be happy to look at it, and will assure you confidentiality while we do so.

We’re interested in manuscripts that display some or all of the following characteristics:

  1. Challenging the thinking of the laity

  2. Inviting conversation

  3. Addressing concerns of mainline Christians

  4. Dealing with the experience of being a Christian in this world

  5. Presenting a positive approach and attitude

  6. Encouraging Christians to be more committed

  7. Educating readers to clarify their beliefs and understanding

Despite our interest in dialog we are not interested in homogenization or compromise. Your manuscript need not agree with the positions of our editorial staff, but you should have a clear position, argue it effectively, and respond to other positions.

If you have a manuscript that you would like us to evaluate please email Energion Publications ( with your concept. We do accept submissions via e-mail, but it’s best to discuss your concept and send us a portion of your manuscript first.

Do not be discouraged or annoyed if we, or any other publisher, reject your manuscript. We have specific goals in mind and we need to be able to work your manuscript into our marketing and business development plans.

Manuscript Submission Standards

We prefer that you submit your manuscript electronically, in either Microsoft Word document format (any version prior to 2007) or Open Document Format (see Paper submissions must be of adequate quality for scanning and OCR.


New authors without a publication record should generally include a completed manuscript. At a minimum provide at least two sample chapters and an outline of your proposed work. Previously published authors can reference prior work.

Proposal Content

The proposal format is informal. It is divided here into three sections for convenience. All information is needed, but variations in the order and format are acceptable.

  • Cover Information
    • Proposed or working title
    • Author name
    • General category (Biblical Studies, Church History, Theology, etc.)
    • Energion Publications special categories
      • Study guides, specifying Bible book/passage or a topic
      • Small group resources
    • Audience
  • Author bio and qualifications, telling us why you should be the writer of this project. We do not have hard criteria. Knowledge from experience is acceptable, but your manuscript will be reviewed by people who are qualified.
  • Abstract or summary, and outline of content. Tell us how this manuscript would help fulfill the Energion Publications mission.
  • When would you propose completing the project.

General Notes

Energion Publications is small and new. We’re willing to talk informally and negotiate, so feel free to discuss. Our owner and chief editor is Henry Neufeld, e-mail, or phone 850-525-3916.

For more information on our history and our current publications, see our catalog site ( and our company blog (

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