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Impressions II: Did God Paint You?

Charisma Book Expo 2006
Atlanta, GA

“Did God paint you?”
from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (Warner Brothers, 1991)

I love this movie. The question comes from a 5-6 year-old English peasant girl as she gazes into the black face of a Moor, someone the likes of which she has never seen. The Moor answers in the affirmative; that “Allah” likes many colors. Absolutely! My Lord Jehovah delights in all the colors and sizes of His children that He made! I was delighted in all the many ways that God was represented and worshipped at the Expo.

Every morning we began with musical worship and a speaker to bring us something from God’s Word. Every evening we had musical worship, two nights we had a prophetic declaration, and every night we were challenged!!! The music was contemporary praise choruses and hymns set to ballads, salsa, rock, rap, and even gentle tradition. When hands were raised they were white, black, brown, yellow, and every shade and height that God could make! I caught a glimpse of eternity and I can hardly wait to really get there!

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